Birch, pine, beech, oak, linden, acacia and apple tree are our favourite materials
In our carpentry and art studio we create original wooden toys and home décor items. As of today we’ve created more than 500 designs.
We use only natural materials and everything we create is 100% handmade. Birch, pine, beech, oak, linden, acacia and apple tree are main materials. Special polish technique makes our wooden items smooth and ideal for using them as it is or for additional decorating.

We use eco-friendly acrylic paints, oils, velvet, lace, satin, silk, chiffon and décor pieces made by well-known companies such as Maimeri, Mokuba and Swarovski.

You can see how our production come to life by visiting the carpentry’s Instagram account @natashadalex


We’ve been creating original gifts wrapping, greeting cards and albums for more than 10 years. To create it we’re using more than 300 instruments and special techniques for working with paper and other additional décor elements. 

Our work collection includes not only paper but also ribbons, cords, beads and wooden or wire handmade figures.
Extraordinary solutions paired with quality materials is our way to success!


Our studio is filled with beauty and creativity!
We create handmade jewelries in variety of styles and carefully chosen materials among which you can even find rare natural gems, pearls and crystals.

Such elements as wooden beads and locks made of apple tree, birch, linden and oak are created in our carpentry.
We’ve found an ideal balance in our jewelry designs mixing Mokuba’s ribbons, cords and lace and Swarovski’s crystals and pearls, and adding special decorative technique which helps us create original metal décor elements.