Jewellery atelier nattaba ► is a space of beauty and creative ideas.
Jewellery of all of our collections suits everyone who wants to accentuate their fashion image.
Decorate, give, enjoy!

Vintage items with their own stories, collected from all over the world
with love and attention to detail.
The history of each item is a fascinating journey into the past…
Books, fashion, jewellery…

pepka vintage ► is the opportunity to surround yourself with unique items, each with its own story…

Let’s tell stories to each other!

A studio of Daria Abramova, DaDiz:
– graphic and web design (from simple logos to multilayered Internet projects).
– professional translations.
– online language courses suitable for all ages and language levels.

Our culinary project buffet365 ► (cafe, pastry shop, eco-grocery, recipe book, blog) opens its doors to all lovers of healthy and delicious food!
All our sweets and snacks are made exclusively by hand, according to our own recipe, with love to family traditions.