Our toys are smooth to touch, painted in bright or pastel colours and repeatedly polished by hand. They’ll become good friends for your children! 
The toys are eco-friendly, made of natural wood (birch, pine, linden, oak), painted with eco-friendly nontoxic paints (Italian paints Maimeri and German paints and wax Biofa, they are EN71.3 compliant and A+ eco-level).
All steps of production are 100% handmade.


Wooden toys and wooden home decor should be wiped down with a dry or wet damp cloth, however it’s not advised to submerge the product in water. Jewelleries should be cleaned with a dry damp cloth, it’s not advised to submerge the product in water and it’s not advised to expose it to perfume, cosmetics etc.


All our products are handmade and made with accordance to our own designs. We do not usually receive custom orders, however there may be an exception — if an order’s quantity is greater than 10 and a total sum is more than 500 euros than you can submit it as a design project, filling the form down below (please, include a product’s sketch or photos). We’ll review it and write you back whether it’s possible to make or not.