Every year we prepare more than 500 gifts, toys, greeting cards and gift wrapping designs for our Christmas catalogue. Our Xmas collection not only follows current trends but also gives you the nostalgia feeling, brings back childhood memories.
All collections are fully handmade and made of natural wood (birch, linden, pine and beech) and are decorated with paints, varnish and composites.
These Christmas gifts can be used not only as Xmas tree decoration elements but also as everyday home décor. Our small and lovely creations will make your home a more beautiful and cozy place and become a keepsake passing from one generation to another.


Our cozy décor elements will create unique and memorable atmosphere of comfort, warmth and care in your home.
For more than 10 years we’ve been creating original décor elements including not only frames, storage boxes, gifts, figures and dolls but also desk lamps, small coffee tables and shelves.
Every item is handmade, unique and made of natural wood.


We’ve created these wooden toys collections specifically for your little darlings. Smooth to touch, painted in bright or pastel colours, they’ll become good friends for your children!

For toddlers we make rattles, pyramids, sorters, lacing toys and rainbow stackers.
For older kids we create play kitchen sets, pretend play sets and educational toys.
All our toys are eco-friendly, made of natural wood, painted with eco-friendly nontoxic paints and are ideal for Montessori and Waldorf education.


These collections of blank wooden toys and décor elements are ideal for natural wood style fans and also for those who wants to decorate it themselves! Smooth to touch, they don’t need any additional polishing or coating. Some designs we may cover in natural linseed oil for more wood colour density.
In our production we use birch, oak, linden, pine, alder, ash tree and apple tree. From the beginning a wood is going through the process of natural drying which makes its quality ideal.
Please, keep in mind that every piece of natural wood has its own texture which may vary from one log to another.


Our handmade greeting cards are the mix of exclusive materials, original technique and creative design. All of them has its own unique story hidden in the shape of a drawing or collage. We pack our greeting cards carefully and beautifully, so they’ll be pleasing to the eye.


Our studio is filled with beauty and creativity!
We create handmade jewelries in variety of styles and carefully chosen materials among which you can even find rare natural gems, pearls and crystals.
Such elements as wooden beads and locks made of apple tree, birch, linden and oak are created in our carpentry.
We’ve found an ideal balance in our jewelry designs mixing Mokuba’s ribbons, cords and lace and Swarovski’s crystals and pearls, and adding special decorative technique which helps us create original metal décor elements.