It is a great pleasure to welcome you in our family design studio NatashaDalex where we create wooden toys, home decor, greeting cards and jewelry with love and care. Our customers are kin souls who value beautiful handmade keepsakes made from natural materials.
Our story began back in 2003 when we created our first keepsake – wooden heart as a gift for Valentine’s Day. At first we had been making cute elements of decor in a shape of animals, photo frames and jewelry boxes but soon decided to broaden our horizons and added children products such as toys and elements of nursery decor. Also we make handmade jewelry for children and grown-ups and greeting cards. In total we’ve created more than 40000 unique designs each made with utmost love. Everything we make is filled with care and will make your home a more comfortable and beautiful place.
All our designs are inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian styles, philosophies, way of living, images from music, movies, literature and, of course, by nature itself.

Our mission is to create quality, unique and eco-friendly products for children and grown-ups which would light up your mood, inspire, teach something new and would be passed from one generation to another.
All our products are made from natural materials, is painted with eco-friendly paints, non-toxic and is smooth to touch. Durable and solid – it’ll become your family’s keepsake.
NatashaDalex studio is our home and a place where ideas and new projects are born. Here we draw, take photos, write, teach, program and do many other things. We love our job and it’s an essential part of our lives. Every item we’ve created is very dear to us, like small pieces of our big hearts.


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